Overview of your packages

In this section you can find the overview of the packages that are currently created in the booking module. (Please note: to create a new package you should always contact support@smarthotel.nl)

paxxio guide afbeelding 6

Here you will see the name, the LOS (number of nights of the stay), the start and end date when the package is valid and the currency in which it may be sold.

If you select one of the packages you will come to the following screen:

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  1. LOS: The number of nights that is valid for this arrangement
  2. The start date of this package
  3. The end date of this package
  4. The option if people can pay at the hotel (select refundable) or if people have to pay in advance (do not select refundable)

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  1. The different translations of the package, in this you can also switch and thus adjust the translations
  2. The name that will be displayed in the booking module for the customers
  3. The description of the package, here you can also use different types of formatting

paxxio guide afbeelding 9

  1. The room that applies to this package, more rooms (as in the picture) is possible
  2. The total price of the arrangement valid on the day of arrival. For example, if there is an packahe with an arrival possibility on Satufay only for 2 nights for 300€ total. So you would have to fill in the amount of 300€ on Saturday only and the LOS (the number of nights valid for this arrangement) in the main menu.
  3. To add a new room that can be valid for the same arrangement

paxxio guide afbeelding 10

  1. The "drag & drop" functionality, here you can change the order of the photos
  2. The description of a photo, note that this is for internal use
  3. The option to delete a photo
  4. Adding a new picture
  5. Save your changes