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How can I request a new OTA connection?

You would like to connect to a new booking site that is not on our list, how do I request this?

We have a lot of connections available to different booking sites but you might be interested in connecting to one that isn't on our list.


There are two possible ways a new connection between SmartHOTEL and a new channel can be made. 

  1. SmartHOTEL will build a connection to the booking site
  2. The booking site will build a connect to SmartHOTEL

For major booking sites that have a high demand (such as Booking.com, Expedia, HRS, etc) SmartHOTEL will create a direct XML-feed for full two-way connectivity. The request will go onto our product roadmap and will be prioritised based on the demand.  Enquiries from the external party can be emailed to our connectivity department.


All other external parties will be encouraged to build a connection to SmartHOTEL from their external platform using the OpenTravel model OTA2016A specifications.  More information and the API specifications can be found here.


In all cases, we ask that the external party contact us directly.