How do I set up a new policy?

Should you wish to set up a new policy then please contact the SmartHOTEL team.


To create the policy we will require The information required is as follows;

Policy Name: Internal reference use only

Policy Terms: A detailed description of the policy

Rate Code: What rate codes are being used for this policy?

Source: Is the policy for reservations originating from a specific Source?  E.g. only

Amount requested: Full amount of reservation or a percentage of the reservation total

Extra Charges: Additional charges we should add to the reservation total.  (e.g. Tourist Tax that is not included in the reservation total)

Arrival Range: Is the policy for booking arriving within a certain window?  E.g. 15 to 90 days time or July & August only

When should the payment link be sent: On Book date, X days after book date or X days before arrival

How often should we send a Reminder: Daily, every second day, every third day, every week, one day before expiry, two days before expiry, three days before expiry, week before expiry

When should the link expire: X days after book date or X days before arrival