Viewing and editing my email templates

Should you be using the SmartHOTEL Payment provider, your emails can be customized .  It is possible to create emails in different languages and, should the incoming reservation contain the country code of the booker, we can send the email in that language.  Otherwise, it will default to English.  

Aside from the standard Pay By Link fallback emails you can also create Reminder and Expired emails should payment not be processed.  The wording of these emails can be different as you are chasing up on payment or advising that the booking is being cancelled because the deposit has not been received.

If you are making use of the Payment Links for ad hoc requests, an additional Pay By Link email is required.

All email templates are fully customizable to your hotels' branding

Email Tokens

These are the available tokens to insert into mail templates

  • {{restotal}} - this is the payment request amount calculated from the ResTotal of the booking
  • {{url}} - the payment link URL
  • {{resid}} - the OTA Reservation ID
  • {{expirationdate}} - The expiration date of the link
  • {{description}} - only available for Manual payment links