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I want to manage more things myself in the Extranet, what do I do?

You should know that there are different levels of user rights available in the Channel Manager. Do you want to empower yourself by managing more by yourself in the Extranet? That's great, let us help you.

Most users have basic user rights and they have access to the following sections:

  • Personal profile
  • Reservation overview
  • Rates & availability calendar
  • Basic Booking sites overview (which ones are connected and the option to adjust login details)
  • Logs overview


You can empower yourself by asking for more user rights. This is absolutely not a problem, but we do say "With more power comes bigger responsibilities". We will always train you first in the new functionalities, so you know exactly how it works. You can add the following functionalities to your account:

  • Booking sites - mapping per OTA (being able to check your own mapping and make changes)
  • Rooms (adding, deleting and amending your room types)
  • Rates (adding, deleting and amending your rate codes)
  • Weights (change the calculations for your calculated rate plans)
  • Refresh (refreshing/resynching data to your OTAs)