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Booking.com Auto-Replenishment functionality

Getting reservations via Booking.com even though there was no availability anymore? Then it is a good idea to check your auto-replenishment settings at Booking.com and SmartHOTEL. In this article, we explain the options.

Functionality within Booking.com

Booking.com has implemented for all hotels a functionality called Auto-Replenishment. This functionality entails that the availability is increased by Booking.com once a reservation that had previously been made is cancelled. Because the channel manager did not increase the availability when a cancellation from any OTA was picked-up, it often is the case that the availability on Booking.com was higher (out of synch) with the channel manager. Only a pro-active retrigger of availability from the channel manager to Booking.com would overwrite the amount on Booking.com. The following chapter will show the user how to overcome this issue following the wishes of the hotels.


For your reference, there are two types of auto-replenishment in Booking.com:

  1. The general auto-replenishment feature is integrated by default to all properties on Booking.com and cannot be deactivated. Whenever a cancellation comes through Booking.com, the room is put back on sale automatically to give the property another chance at reselling it.
  2. The auto-replenishment on closed rooms is a feature that can be deactivated at the property level. However, the general auto-replenishment for Booking.com cancellations will remain active. Disabling this feature means that if the room/date is closed in red (Stop Sell), it will not be auto-replenished even if there are cancellations.


Functionality within SmartHOTEL

Under the "Hotel" menu item, you get an overview with general hotel information. If you scroll down, you'll see the advanced settings. The window will already show the setting “Auto replenishment mode” with a value of “No Action”. By clicking on the value, a drop-down box will appear with an additional two options; “On” and “Off”. Any of the three choices can be selected, after which the safe button needs to be clicked. Please find additional information on these options in the following subchapter.




  • No action
    Everything remains as it currently is. In other words, if a cancellation is picked up by the channel manager, the availability will remain unchanged and no message is triggered to any OTA.

  • On
    When a cancellation is picked up by the channel manager from an OTA, the availability is increased in the channel manager. This will trigger a message to all linked OTA’s containing the new, increased, availability.


  • Off
    When a cancellation is picked up by the channel manager from the OTA, the availability in the channel manager remains unchanged. A message will be triggered by the channel manager to all linked OTA’s containing the unchanged availability. Any increase done by an OTA will be overwritten with the actual availability in the channel manager.