Create a new Payment

If a reservation has been processed into Connect (from either your PMS or the Smart Channel Manager) we will be able to create a new payment request.

This is only available for reservations received within the last 7 days and will only work if that reservation is not cancelled

This feature works along side the other manual payment requests but allows the system to autofill data from an existing reservation

Simply add in the Reservation ID and click New Payment

The Reservation ID is either the channel manager Booking number or the PMS reservation number

The system will retrieve any relevant data for that reservation, including the current status of the booking.  Once all required fields are completed, you select whether to send a Payment Link or charge the Card as a virtual card

You must have the associated policies to process payments this way (Virtual Card or Manual Payment)

Charging the card: If you are attempting to charge a guest card and not a virtual card, the card holders issuing bank may require additional 2-factor authentication.  This might result in a refusal on the charge.

If this is the case then you cannot charge the credit card this way and will need to send the guest a payment link if you have the functionality enabled.