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I would like to change something in an existing OTA connection

If you want to change something in a current OTA connection, it is best to send us an e-mail via support@smarthotel.nl

You can easily request a change by sending us an e-mail, please make sure to provide us with all the details to make the change as easy as possible. If all information is complete we promise we will come back to you within one working day to help you. 

Roomchanges (addition/ removal/ occupancy changes): 

  • Roomname/ code in the OTA 
  • Roomname/ code in SmartHOTEL 
  • Preferred occupancy  


  • Ratename/ code in the OTA  
  • Ratename/ code in SmartHOTEL 

Please note that big changes or changes for multiple properties can take longer. Best is to inform us beforehand so we can schedule this.

Want to be able to make changes yourself? Please check the following articles: