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What is ''Metasearch''?

Ever wondered what a Metasearch is? Let us explain it to you!

Metasearch is becoming an increasingly popular medium in the travel industry. Metasearch websites are online price comparison sites, in this case specifically aimed at finding the best price for hotel stays.

Just like on an OTA, a booker can search for hotel accommodation via a metasearch website. The only difference is that when the booker selects a hotel, they see all available prices from all online booking channels. When a booker then chooses the best option, they will be redirected to the channel where the booking can be completed. The hotel's own website is not automatically listed as an option, for this the hotel has to contact the metasearch website itself.
SmartHOTEL offers a connection to metasearch providers via 3rd parties, which can be found here: https://www.smarthotel.nl/en/connections-integrations/metasearch/


Can I connect to metasearch with SmartHOTEL?