Where can I find an overview of my reservations?

When being in the SmartHOTEL extranet please click on the Clicking on the Reservations button in the menu on the left. Then you will find an overview of all reservations that have been collected or delivered from the OTAs.

The default screen will look at ALL reservations received today.

You can now filter using the following options;

  1. Search Dates - The dates can be changed, and you can choose to search for reservations by Arrival Date, Book Date, Departure Date within the specified range
  2. Criteria - View reservations by All, Booked, Cancelled, Confirmed, Modified
  3. Status - Filter by All reservations, Error reservations (that could not be delivered to your PMS) or OK reservations (reservations that were delivered to your PMS)
  4. Booking Site - Select bookings made by a specific OTA
  5. Export - Export the reservations that show on the screen into an Excel document
  6. Search - You can type the guest name, booking id or other criteria to find a particular reservation. When searching on booking id we recommend to use the booking id of the OTA. That way you will also find eventual modifications & cancellations of that booking. 

In the reservations screen, you can view the status of a reservation in the first column. Here the following options can apply: 

  • Key: new reservation
  • Key with pencil: modification
  • Key with cross: cancellation

It can also be that you see a smaller icon of modification or cancellation next to the icon of a new reservation or modification. This implies that the reservation was modified or cancelled at a later stage. 

The PMS delivery column shows the date and time that the PMS confirmed receiving the reservation. 

The other columns show the

  • Guest name as entered on the OTA
  • Arrival and departure dates for the reservation,
  • Book date and timestamp
  • The OTA the reservation is made
  • Booking-id of SmartHOTEL
  • Booking-id of the OTA. This is the EXT reservation-#)
  • The total cost of the reservation.

Once you have located the reservation you are looking for you can click on the reservation which will show further details for the reservation including the comments, guest profile details, the room type and rate code that has been booked and the occupancy details.

Back in the central reservation screen, you will also see an Excel icon and Adobe PDF icon at the top right corner – these buttons will allow you to export and download the reservation details into Excel or PDF format.