Why are reservation details showing as A****** B******?

The marked guest information is a change we had to make due to the new GDPR regulations that came into effect on May 25th 2018 and will affect the Reservation overview, the incoming XML, the XML of the PMS request and the XML of the PMS response.

SmartHOTEL account with connection to a push/pull PMS

Your reservation is automatically sent to the PMS. When we have received a confirmation that the reservation is successfully delivered to the PMS, the personal information of the guest will be deleted/masked (***) in the channel manager around midnight one day after reservation delivery.

If the reservation is, for whatever reason unconfirmed by the PMS, full data of the reservations will be stored until the departure date.


SmartHOTEL account without connection to a PMS (stand-alone)

Your reservation is automatically sent to your e-mail address via PDF. This document will be visible to you until the departure date. When the departure date has passed, all personal data will be erased/masked in the channel manager and the PDF.