I didn't receive a verification code from the Vault

If you didn't receive the verification code from the Vault this article will give you the possible reasons.

Should you have requested a verification code to retrieve credit card details from the Vault this will either be sent to your verified email address or your Google Authenticator app.

If nothing is received it could be for one of these reasons;

  • The email might be in your Junk folder
  • The reservation doesn't have Credit Card details
  • The reservation number doesn't exist
  • The reservation number doesn't belong to the hotel of the user
  • The user has no rights

If it is none of the above reasons please contact support@smarthotel.nl and let us know your username, your hotel and which reservation you are trying to receive details for.  We aren't able to provide you with the card details but can check whether you have Vault access and if the reservation number is valid.