When do I need a Virtual Room?

A virtual room is created to allow you to connect one room type to multiple rooms in a booking site. It's also used to apply default and threshold settings.

Virtual rooms can be seen in the Rates & Availability screen. They are the rooms listed in italic, and their "parent" room can be seen in bold.


Virtual RandA


Connecting one room to multiple rooms in a booking site

On occasion, it is necessary to create a virtual room to allow multi-room mapping. For example, you have a one-room type at your property, but you want to connect this for to two-room types in Booking.com.

To allow this, we have to create a virtual room so we can map the same room twice.

Virtual mapping


Mapping to booking sites that use room/rate functionality

Some booking sites require us to send room/rate combinations. This is because their API expects to receive the rate details on room level.

To allow this, we have to create virtual rooms per rate so we can map this effectively.


Virtual room rate


Using Default and threshold settings

Default and Threshold settings are an excellent way for you to limit the number of rooms you are selling online at any one time. These settings must be applied to virtual rooms.

For more information on this, check out this article.