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What are ''errors''?

''We are seeing errors for this booking site'' is a sentence you probably hear the support team say quite often. But every time you hear the word ''error'' you have no clue what is happening. Let us explain it to you!

Synonyms for the word Error: a mistake, technical issue, a failure.

There are all kind of errors. For example an error shows up when you try to login, or when you try to hit the save button. These errors are pretty straight forward and not too vague. 

However, when someone of the support team says ''we are seeing errors for this booking site'', it means that we were not able to sent an update (restriction, availability, rates) to the booking site. It can be that the update doesn't match the contractual agreements with the booking site, and the OTA will say: no, we do not accept this update. Thus causing an error on our side. 

An error can also occur when forwarding a reservation to the reservation system. We can help you to find out why this is happening. In case you have the myfidelio system, we do recommend checking the following article first: I have a reservation delivery error, what does it mean? (myfidelio)

The support team will always do their best to solve the error and if they need help from your side, they'll try to explain the situation as clearly as possible for you.