What are logs?

Checking the history of your rates, restrictions and inventory can be done in the logs menu. But what are logs?

A log is data where you can check what happened with the availability, rates and restrictions for a room and/or rate type. You can, for example, check who changed a rate or how it is possible that you had an overbooking.


There are three kinds of logs changes that you can find in the overview:

  1. Changes from PMS to Channel Manager (source: a long number and/or letter code)
  2. Changes directly made in the Channel Manager by a specific user (source: EXT + username)
  3. Inventory changes from the OTAs, where they have made reservations, and this has resulted in a change of available rooms (source: name of the OTA)


In logs, you can see…

  1. The latest changes in your inventory (rates, availability and restrictions)
  2. If the messages/changes are successfully sent to the OTAs


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