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What are ''Logs''?

''We have checked the logs and...'' is a sentence you probably hear the support team say quite often. But every time you hear the word ''logs'' you have no clue what is happening. Let us explain it to you!

Synonyms for the word Logs: data history, data records, channel manager journal.

A log is data where you can check what happened with the availability, rates and restrictions for a room and/or rate type. You can, for example, check who changed a rate or why you got an overbooking.


There are three kinds of logs changes that you can find in the overview:

Type of change Explanation Source
Change from the PMS to the Channel Manager When an update is made in the PMS or CRS, sent from the PMS or CRS A long number and/or letter code
Change directly made in the Channel Manager When a specific user manually changes allotment in the Extranet EXT + username
Inventory changes from the OTAs When a reservation is made it results in a change of available rooms Name of the OTA


In logs, you can see…

  1. The latest changes in your inventory (rates, availability and restrictions)
  2. If the messages/changes are successfully sent to the OTAs


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