How can I manually adjust restrictions

There are multiple restrictions in our extranet you can change. Are you not sure how to do this? Please check our video for a more detailed explanation.

There are multiple restriction options in our extranet:

  • Minimum stay (how many days must the guest at least stay?)
  • Maximum stay (how many days maximum can the guest stay?)
  • No arrival (the guest is not allowed to arrive on a specific date)
  • No departure (the guest is not allowed to depart on a particular date)
  • Open/Close (close a rate and make sure a particular rate is not available, even if you still have rooms)

Manually changing restrictions

(Video: minimum stay, maximum stay, no arrival, no departure)

  1. Go to ''Rates & Availability'' in the left-hand menu
  2. Click on the date you want to change the restriction of
  3. Adjust (if needed) the date range
  4. Adjust (if required) the days of the week selection
  5. Adjust the restrictions as wished
  6. Click on the Save button

Three ways to use the close restriction functionality

HubSpot Video
  • Option 1: Click on the rate - the pop up shows - click on the ''close'' tick-box
  • Option 2: Click on the open/close doors on top of the page, below the date indication. Don't forget to save!
  • Option 3: Click on the ''room options'' tick-box - door icons will show for each day and each room type - select the ones you want to close - click on the save button.

NOTE: It is not recommended to make multiple changes on the pop-up screen (rates, restrictions and inventory)  Only change one type at a time.