Where do I need to change my rates, availability & restrictions

You have many systems with an extranet where you can manage your prices and inventory. But where do you need to change what?

Messages with changes in prices, availability and restrictions always go via the following flow: 

PMS →  SmartHOTEL Extranet  →  Extranet OTA  →  Front end OTA 


The PMS is always leading and we recommend to not make any manual changes at the SmartHOTEL extranet or the OTA extranet. Any manual changes made within the SmartHOTEL extranet may be overwritten by any messages sent from your interfaced PMS.We recommend to only do this in case of emergency, for example during an outage it can be required to make any manual adjustments at another extranet than the PMS.

In case you use the SmartHOTEL Channel manager as a standalone, so without PMS connected, then all changes in rates, availability and restrictions need to be made at the SmartHOTEL extranet

There is also a third option. This is that only availability is pushed from the PMS towards the SmartHOTEL extranet. And prices & restrictions need to be updated at the SmartHOTEL extranet. To check what is supported within your PMS connection, please check: https://connectguide.smarthotel.nl/#pms_guides

How to manually make changes in the Extranet:

All manual changes are logged against the User, and therefore you hold responsibility for any changes manually made (see Logs).